Female-centric films from around the world

I’ve been watching a lot of films and tv shows in the last few months to prepare for my feature, which explores a child’s agency in the face of parental abuse and intergenerational trauma. I mostly watch films about childhood trauma, bullying, codependency, domestic violence, and healing from trauma. I…

The Problem of the Kind-Hearted Addict Father as Unsung Hero

Note: This essay contains spoilers from the recently popular series show, “Squid Games” on Netflix.

Squid Games is well on its way to becoming Netflix’s biggest show ever. As an Asian American, I’m proud that a South Korean show is being embraced and viewed all around the world. The use…


My private diaries. I write about mental health, childhood trauma & dysfunctional family systems. Show your support: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/HelloCharlotte

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